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Welcome to my Website about Jennyfer's Family

This is my website about Jennyer's Family, I hope you enjoy it!


People In My Family

  • My Cultural Background
  • My Samoan culture grows through me and my family, we breath, we eat, we stand, and we talk like a Samoan, We love to express our traditions with everyone. In the future I want to get a traditional tattoo that daughters and wives of a chief must have. I want to dance as a taupou when my dad receives his chief title, represent our family, our village and our country. Being a Miss Samoa has always been my number one dream, I want to enter the pageant make my parents proud, not only that my country.

    Favourite Food

    Our Family's favourite food is ota (which is raw fitsh), Pig Head, Lu'au (which is taro leaves and coconut cream),and Sapasui( which is chop suey).